IMRTC Accredited Certification Programs

Organizations seeking professionals, who have full of knowledge, skills and knowing the application of it. IMRTC offers the recognized, accredited and international certification which ensures to meet the demands of stakeholders globally.

Developed professionals in Administrative & Technology Management are based on standards and on-going research to meet the requirements of organizations. With the Certification of IMRTC in the abovementioned domains, you can prove yourself anywhere in the world by using the methodology of Administrative Management and Technology Management.

IMRTC increase your credentials and recognized you Globally & Professionally.

Certified Technology Management Professional (CTMP)

IMRTC offers the opportunities to those involve in administration to earn an internationally recognized certification in Administrative Management. Upon completion the candidates are designated as CAMP and can use the credentials to showcase their administrative and management experience, skills and knowledge, and demonstrate their capabilities for professional administration. The certification also helps in career enhancement.

There is a global demand for highly professional competent administrative officers, assistants and secretaries. IMRTC offer recognized Certification after recognizing the need of global requirements and senior executives and professionals have devise a concrete and comprehensive curriculum, which accredited the candidate globally.

Overview of the Program

IMRTC - International Management Research & Technology Consortium offers the opportunities to those are involved in technology and its management and like to earn an internationally recognized certification in Technology Management. Nowadays, technology management professionals are high in demand in the professional market, because organizations are totally depending on technology and especially on Information Technology, so they need high end capable professionals who may know that how to handle large scale infrastructures and run the organization is effective way. In this respect CTMP - Certified Technology Management Professional is the right opportunity for you.

About CTMP

CTMP is designed to develop necessary expertise and skills required for technology management with the goal of increasing cost effective productivity, that is efficiency and effectiveness.

CTMP covers the core areas of technology, management & administration. The Program covers the major contents are recruitment, selection & retentions of professionals, information technology management & strategy, modernization of organization & planning, portfolio & project management, financial budgeting for technology management, information security systems in technology management, business, intelligence & data analysis, global technology management, service management through technology. The complete knowledge set is provided in our brochure, where the bifurcation or domain knowledge is also mentioned. The program follows a systematic learning format with audio-visual aids based presentations, case studies, practice sessions and standards.

Who Should Apply?

If you are experiencing or have some experienced in the field of technology and its management and responsible for assigned work, where you are leading & aligning the technology with respect to the schedules and their technical & functional work. So CTMP is the right option for you.

Examination Fee

  • Membership US$ 50
  • Member US$ 249 Non-Member US$ 299
  • Professional Membership Required for Examination


  • Higher Secondary Certificate or Equivalent
  • Five to Seven years of Professional Experience
  • 32 hours training from any professional accredited trainer or training institute
  • Four Year Degree or Equivalent
  • Two to Three years of Professional Experience
  • 32 hours training from any professional trainer or training institute

Global Career!

Why I need to choose Technology Management Professional Certification?
Millions of People are involved in this profession where every office is based on technology.

Industry Requirements!

Technology Professionals are required in every Industry!
Industry are Looking Smart Businesses I would like to be one of them