Evaluation & Appraisals

Research Paper Review, Evaluation & Appraisals

Researchers, students and professionals can submit their research papers in the area of management and technology for evaluation and appraisals by the IMRTC research associate and advisor members. The papers shall be evaluated on the following guidelines in general.

The Title or Topic

  • Is it clear and concise?
  • Does it promise no more than the study can provide?


  • The Problem
  • It is clearly stated?
  • Is it properly defined?
  • Is its significance recognized?
  • Are specific questions raised; hypotheses clearly stated?
  • Are assumptions and limitations stated?
  • Are important terms defined?

Review of Related Literature

  • Is it adequately covered?
  • Are important findings noted?
  • Is it well organized?
  • Is an effective summary provided?


  • Procedures Used
  • Is the research design described in detail?
  • Is it adequate?
  • Are the samples described?
  • Are relevant variables recognized?
  • Are appropriate controls provided?
  • Are data-gathering instruments appropriate?
  • Are validity and reliability established?
  • Is the statistical treatment appropriate?


  • Data Analysis
  • Is appropriate use made of tables and figures?
  • Is the textual discussion clear and concise?
  • Is the analysis of data relationships logical and perceptive?
  • Is the statistical analysis accurately interpreted?


  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Is the problem restated?
  • Are the procedures and findings concisely presented?
  • Is the analysis objective?
  • Are the findings and conclusions justified by the data presented and analyzed
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